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  • Snobbish Sweater
    Snobbish Sweater

    The snobbish sweater designed by Valentine Witmeur Lab embraces the...

  • Sosoish Off-the-shoulder
    Sosoish Off-the-shoulder

    This grey, off-the-shoulder summer sweater designed by Valentine Witmeur...

  • Clubbish V-Neck
    Clubbish V-Neck

    The traditional V-neck sweaters from Valentine Witmeur Lab have been...

  • Selfish V-Neck
    Selfish V-Neck

    This classic V-neck is designed by Valentine Witmeur Lab. Plain...

  • Flower Printed Janie Dress
    Flower Printed Janie Dress

    This Janie Dress is designed by Iro Paris. It is made of viscose and...

  • Keyhole Tiered Dines Dress
    Keyhole Tiered Dines Dress

    This 'Dines' dress from Dries Van Noten has a oversized cut. It's a...

  • Printed Druoni Dress
    Printed Druoni Dress

    This Printed 'Druoni' dress from Dries Van Noten has a oversized cut....

  • Printed Dleyres Dress
    Printed Dleyres Dress

    This Printed 'Dleyres' dress from Dries Van Noten has a straight cut....


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List of products by designer RedLine

Laetitia Cohen-Skalli is the founder of the concept of a diamond on a string sees the light of day. « RedLine is inspired by the red string of Jerusalem, of high interest to many international celebrities, Laetitia allies the purity of precious stones and the symbolic value of string, considered to be a lucky charm by many world cultures since the dawn of time. A certificate goes along with the jewelry assures the authenticity. It proves that your new lucky charm was made by RedLine care, and handmade in its workshop in Paris. The Redline certificate is an absolute guarantee of the integrity of our diamonds, the 18-carat gold, the fabrication and the confection. The Jewelry experience that Redline offers you is the result of a long-term process, a proper quest and above all, a passion. This knowhow embraces science and art, philosophy and rationality.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items