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  • Standard 100 ml
    Standard 100 ml

    A contemporary and dynamic approach to a perfume. An ideology which is...

  • Gosha Rubchinskiy 100 ml
    Gosha Rubchinskiy 100 ml

    Skateboarding on a summer day. Wheels burning on the hot concrete...

  • Grace by Grace Coddington 100 ml
    Grace by Grace Coddington 100 ml

    Bergamot Oil, Mint, Basil, Cardamom, Pink Peppercorns, Moroccan Rose,...

  • Blue Santal 100 ml
    Blue Santal 100 ml

    Eau de Toilette ''Blue Santal'' from Comme des Garçons. 100 ml Provides...

  • White 50 ml
    White 50 ml

    Eau de Toilette ''White'' by Comme des Garçons. 50ml Comme des Garcons...

  • Concrete 100 ml
    Concrete 100 ml

    Destruction of precious santalwood. Construction with rose oxyde....

  • Copper 100 ml
    Copper 100 ml

    A blend of distinct olfactive components: vivid pinks positioned against...

  • Monocle Sugi 50 ml
    Monocle Sugi 50 ml

    A refreshing unisex scent, beginning with top notes of Mediterranean...


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List of products by designer R13 Denim

From the beginning, in 2009, the R13 Denim brand stood out with its unique casual and chic jeans. The brand of Chris Leba, former designer of Ralph Lauren, is strongly inspired by the history, traditions and the rebel and punk soul of an old America. The emblem of the brand is actually characterized by a snake with 13 bells and has for motto "Do not tread on me"! With a New York Rock'n Roll spirit, the skinny, androgynous and unstructured pieces are unanimous! Today R13 Denim offers new pieces such as knitwears, t-shirts and flannel shirts, in order to delight the fans of the brand! IRINA KHÄ is more than happy to offer an representative selection of R13 Denim's collection in Liège and in Belgium.

Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items
Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items