A shopping day with Milkywaysblueyes!

A shopping day with Milkywaysblueyes!

IRINA KHÄ had the opportunity to welcome Claire Marnette, alias Milkywaysblueyes, who came especially to Liege in March for a shopping session in the store which she considers to be "the most beautiful boutique of designers and creators of Liège ...  and even of Belgium "! For this special occasion, IRINA KHÄ became familiar with the trendy communication tool of last years: the vlog. So let's prepare our popcorns and sit comfortably for a video vlog!

--> https://youtu.be/ap4Syp4_2lc

Milkywaysblueyes X Irina Khä

Who is Milkywaysblueyes ? 

Coming from Liège, the pretty 23-year-old blondie has currently more than 130,000 followers on Instagram, enough to become the covetousness of the biggest brands present on the market. But Milkywaysblueyes is more than this! In addition to being the Belgian social media it-girl, Claire is also a law student and has a lifestyle blog that she has been hosting since she was 19, as well as a YouTube channel. Combining study and work is not always easy, yet she does it successfully!

She had always been attracted by the fashion industry so it makes sense that Claire went to the IRINA KHÄ shop. On this occasion and with the help of his brother François, his working sidekick, the two protagonists gave a lesson of modernity with a communication tool from the era of time: the vlog!

What is a “Vlog” ?

To make it easy, the "vlog" is the contraction of the words "blog" and "video". The concept consists in filming oneself as well as filming one's activities. In short, we film ourselves in everyday life !

A trend that has been raging among youtubers and influencers around the world in recent years. And for good reason ? Thanks to the vlogs, these personalities tell their life as in a diary and it allows them to be closer to the viewer. IRINA KHÄ wanted to try the game of vlogging in collaboration with Milkywaysblueyes and the result is pretty good !

In this video, Claire talks about her favorites and shows a selection of urgently-needed items to purchase.

5 outfits 100% Milkywaysblueyes !

Milkywaysblueyes x Irina Khä

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