IKKIM'O, the brand handmade with love !

IKKIM'O, the brand handmade with love !

Discover IKKIM'O! The brand that makes you travel far and wide across Asia!

With its colourful patchworks, the brand presents us with unique pieces made by hand by passionate craftsmen. 

And yes, each garment of the brand is exclusive and therefore really "unique"! You will never find two identical parts. So no need to be afraid to meet someone dressed like you!  


At IKKIM'O, we contribute to preserving the knowledge and showing the local culture of different peoples and ethnic minorities. It is therefore not for nothing that the work of passionate people is one of the brand's mottoes.  The clothes are unisex and are revisited and modified indefinitely, season after season, but the base remains the same, which allows the garment to keep a timeless look.  

Discover our looks !  

The winter is near and the cold begins to be felt. It's time to think of our warm and comfort looks and to face the season!

LOOK 1 : "sweater leather

The kimono is a real fashion accessory. It goes with everything! Let's put a little rock in this look by putting on your favorite leather and some pair of hiking boots.

- Pants cuir Iro Paris

- Boots Premiata

- T-shirt Ikkim'o

LOOK 2 : "casual"

The casual shirt with prints in the colors of autumn, perfect for the season! Put a little wool sweater on top and you're done!

- Sweater Dries Van Noten

- Jeans Cross Over R13

- Boots Premiata

- Cap Laulhère

Look 3 : "the winter skirt"

Do not be afraid to wear skirts in winter and especially this one! This IKKIM'O skirt is as warm as its colors.

- Sweater Dries Van Noten

- Scarf Pierre-Louis Mascia

- Boots Premiata

LOOK 4 : "mix the prints !'

Dare to mix ethnic drawings and leopard! The IKKIM'O brand also offers a collection of bags. Discover it in our store!

- Pants Jogging Dolce & Gabbana

- sneakers Acne Studios

LOOK 5 :"revisit the working girl look!"

A first for IKKIM'O! The designer launches a collection of blazers with ethnic prints. Something to spice up your classic looks!

 - Dress Oud Paris

- Boots Stella McCartney

- Bag Marni

Discover the rest of the collection exclusively in our shop!

See you soon!

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