Catherine Michiels jewelry is quite an art!

 Catherine Michiels jewelry is quite an art!

"Catherine Michiels is an accomplished jewelry designer who combines her talent with her connection to the spiritual world." “Aloha! The plumeria (also called the frangipani flower) is the symbol of perfection in Hawaii. The delicious scent of plumeria follows you all over the islands, reminding you of how precious and perfect nature is. take the time to smell the flowers ... " "Three magic words put end to end to repeat like a mantra: A universal and simple law to follow as a common thread throughout your life." "Very nice bracelet from the collection in bright colors! Nothing better than this beautiful bracelet to adorn your wrist, all in lightness! " “I created the Catherine Amulet in honor of Catherine Lindenberg. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for a long time and we still have a wonderful bond. Seeing her one day wearing a medal made from her old jewelry and telling me that it was kind of her life story, I had an idea. The Amulet Catherine represents the intention to be responsible for one's own life. By wearing it on the solar plexus, its weight recalls the message engraved on the back. " Catherine Michiels jewelry, It is an art... Discover the collection!

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